Chris Owen Chris Owen

Chris Owen

2002 – Began boat contracting and collecting water samples for Environment Southland. What started out as a part time service has grown naturally over time and experience to the present-day operation.

While providing local Government department and companies with Boat support for their needs the technical support side of the business has also grown and developed. Design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of environmental equipment has been growing at the same time.

Relevant Training and Certificates 2017 Bluff Harbour

Relevant Training and Certificates

  • Maritime Transport Operator Certificate
  • SRL Skippers Certificate
  • Maritime Restricted Radio Operators Certificate
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Environment Southland Sampling Training
  • NIWA Training Macrophytes
  • NIWA Training Plant Identification course
  • Water and Environmental Sampling Certificate
  • EXO Sonde Water Quality Equipment Technical Training
Oreti River Bank mapping 2017 Oreti River Bank mapping 2017

Experience with work in environmental monitoring.

Deployment equipment and one-off projects. This list of growing examples has created the reputation of Southern Waterways being the “go to person” for the often hard to get to places or difficult one-off projects which is often required in Environmental Field work.

Summary of specific project work carried out by Southern Waterways, Chris Owen

  • Lake Hauroko - Hydrolab water quality profiler and sampling
  • Southland coastal lakes Fish surveys
  • Standalone sensor deployment and operation of EXO2 and D-Opto, monthly downloads, checks of data integrity and calibrations
  • Waituna Monitoring platform monthly sensor maintenance
  • Waituna Web cam
  • Assisted sediment core sampling
  • Assisted boat transport - board scale habitat mapping
  • Assisted NIWA Macrophyte survey work - measuring and identification
  • Bathymetry survey work in New River Estuary and Otakau channel
  • Waituna catchment inundation project
  • SOE surface water quality sampling runs
  • Lowland Lakes NPS Monitoring. Lake George, Reservoir, Lake Vincent
  • New River Estuary transport and Profiles set up ADCP and loggers
  • Curran, Moffat and Waituna Creek survey work – AquaTech /DOC
  • Bluff Wharf installation and monitoring
  • Waituna Underground Springs project
  • Bathymetric Survey work - lowland lakes
  • Waiau Lagoon Monitoring programme and EXO equipment setup
  • Waitutu Water sampling DOC/ AquaTech
  • New River Estuary Core Sampling
  • SOE Recreational Waters Programme
  • Lower Oreti Investigation

     Areas which boat survey work or transport has been carried out.

  • Rivers – Oreti, Mataura, Aparima, Waiau
  • Estuary’s- Invercargill New River, Jacobs River, Fortrose
  • Lagoons – Waiau, Waituna, Awarua Bay
  • Lakes - Hauroko Dunstan, Benmore, George, Vincent, Brunton, Reservoir, Murihiku
  • Creeks- Waimatuku, Curran, Waituna, Otakau, Moffit,
  • Bluff Harbour

As a member of the NZJBA I have recreationally boated in many lakes and Rivers in Otago and Southland.